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I've had a number of CA Guitars, 1st generation Legacy, X-Performer, 2nd generation Legacy, GX Performer, but this Baritone I just got tops them all. Just wonderful. Jim - Bay Village, OH 3/28/09
I bought my Cargo a few weeks ago (and registered the warranty online) and thought that it was a great small travel guitar. I just wanted to say that as the weeks have gone by, I have come to appreciate it even more. It has a wonderful sound that compares very favorably with a wooden guitar but it has a unique response or resonance which really makes it a joy to play. It has a great sound and a unique personality. Thanks for making something that is, if this makes sense, both innovative and traditional at the same time! Ken - New Orleans, LA 3/27/09
Great sounding guitar!  Shawn - Stone Mountain, GA, 3/13/09
The guitar got to Japan in 5 days and was set-up just fine out of the box. I'm very surprised at the big sound from such a small guitar. Tom -  Aichi, Japan, 3/11/09
Taking this guitar to Africa! W.H. - Columbia, TN, 3/10/09
Love the guitar, can't wait to buy a GXi. M. S. - Troudtale, Oregon.3/10/09
Great playability and sound.  Ron - Franklin, TN, 3/7/09
Love the Guitar!  Derek - Johnstown, OH, 2/28/09
Fantastic Guitar!  Kirk - Winnipeg, Canada, 2/25/09
Great Gutar!  Brad - Lincoln, CA 2/10/09
This guitar is better then the reviews. Wow!  Richard - Islip, NY, 2/7/09
Love the Guitar!!  Andrew - Kalaheo, HI, 1/20/09
You need to get more of these in Canada!  Michael - Ontario, Canada, 1/19/09
I tried one when I was in Singapore and liked the sound and feel of the instrument so much that I spent the next two months reading online reviews and comments about CA guitars. Finally took the plunge and ordered one. I'm extremely satisfied with the guitar! can't wait to gig with it. Great job guys!  D.A. - Manila, Philippines, 1/2/09
Very impressed!  Albert - Minnetonk, MN, 12/23/08
I love this guitar. We just moved to AZ and I was surprised, not by the low humidity, but by the humidity changes during the day (from 15% to 60% in the monsoon season). My CA takes it all in stride, and is always in tune and ready to play. There is a saying in amateur astronomy that the best telescope is not the biggest or the most expensive, but the oe you USE the most...because it iwll help you see the most. I think that is also true for guitars. I still love my Huss and Dalton mahogany OM, but my CA-5M sure gets all the playing time these days. And more playing time is never a bad thing. kudos to Ed Smith at Fine Acoustics in Maryland. Ed is a dealer of high-end traditional guitars, but he is also a heck of an advocate for Composite Acoustics. Keep uo the good work. Now to start saving for that Cargo model...  Kevin - Prescott, AZ, 12/18/08
First off, the guitar is beautiful, both the shape and the sunburst carbon fiber effect. Second, I was simply not ready for the crisp, clear, full sound on this thing. I was in the store specifically to hear what all the fuss was about, and I was still amazed.  Third, the thing plays like a dream; great for fingerstyle, flatpicking, and strumming. Just an absolutely fabulous looking, sounding, playing guitar. Please keep up the great work, as I'm hoping to get my hands on a cargo one of these days, too.  T.D. - 12/15/08, Louisville, KY
The cargo far exceeded my expectations! It is louder and has more bass response than all my solid wood OM. You make excellent guitars and I will definitely consider other CA guitar for any future purchases. I wish I had found about them sooner.  Eric, - 12/13/08, Seattle, WA
Fell in love with your guitars at MerleFest this year. Have enjoyed the last several weeks of playing and looking forward to many more years of enjoyment. Thanks! Matthew - Brentwood, TN, 11/25/08
I Love the guitar!  Peter - Cedar Rapids, IA, 11/24/08
I love this instrument!  Lou Ann - Warrens, WI, 11/24/08
I Love this guitar!  Joe - Pottstown, PA 11/20/08
This is the perfect fingerstyle guitar - small body, wide fretboard, stable in any environment and tuning. I can leave this guitar out and ready to play even in the dryness of a Minnesota winter. This is the first non-wood guitar that I am interested in owning and playing. Great job on these, CA Guitars!  Anthony - Columbia Heights, MN 11/16/08
Great Product!  Rick - Decatur AR, 11/16/08
Great Soud!  Paul - Aiken, SC, 11/14/08
This is my first CA purchase, and I am completely blown away by how good this instrument sounds and how reliable it is. I will definitely be purchasing another CA guitar in the future. You guys rock!  Dan - Mount Hope, WV, 11/6/08
Guys, This thing sounds so good it is just ridiculous!  Jody - Allen TX, 11/5/08
This is an incredible guitar (GX). period. I love the tonal clarity, balance of tone, sustain, and volume of this guitar when unplugged. Whats not to like? Best $1500 i've ever spent, and i'll probably never go wood again. Thanks for the wonderful guitar! Derek, Johnstown, OH, 10/30/08
Awesome guitar (GX) for sure!  Brian, Concord, NH, 10/30/08
I have a GX - RT currently, and am in guitar heaven !... Thanks !... you guys rawk !... I sold my Taylor 810ce the day I played your GX-RT for the first time :)  Kevin, Eastern Canaada, 10/29/08
 Absolutely the best parlor size/travel guitar I have ever played.  Doug, Katy, TX, 10/29/08
Phenominal guitar (GX), not only plugged in for live stuff but also great sounding acoustically in the studio. The first nite I brought this to a gig, every other guitar player there couldn't keep their hands off of it !! I had to rescue this guitar from the crowd just to get it back in the case to get it home. Great bottom end and the carbon is great for south Florida, especially outdoors. I love it.  Erich, Jensen Beach, FL, 10/29/08
I have been very satisfied with your product (GX). What a fantastic idea, and the tone and playability is second to none.  Tom, San Antonio, TX 10/28/08
Took it (Legacy) to Irish music retreat yesterday and it was very popular.  Bruce, Dallas, TX 10/26/08
I love the playability, tone and overall quality of my new Cargo.  Willis, Cape Coral Florida, 10/25/08
Great guitar that projects great tone and a pleasure to play. Richard, Ft. Smith, AR 10/19/08
Bought the ca cargo on impulse after seeing it unpacked and then playing it for quite a while. great aesthetics, really comfortable to play, excellent tone and outrageous sustain. i like it more each time i pick it up. it's going to the west coast with me in early november, where it will be the sole 6-string i gig with, and i won't have to wait in the baggage area worrying about what damage the baggage handlers have done to my axe. thanks much for making it for me. Dean, Portsmith, NH, 10/19/08
Clenest Sound/tone I have heard. Use (GX) in Praise band. Felix, Ingram, TX, 10/9/08
Nice guitar (X), good sound, love the low maintanance. Plugging into Fishman tower, (WOW), sounds great these two made for each other. Steve, Louisville, KY, 10/14/08
I love it )GX), having trouble putting it down. Tor, Brooklyn, NY, 10/06/08
 Bought the guitar (Legacy) when Danny Brevard held an emergency Hurricane Sale, to be able to help pay his employees after Ike. I bought it sight unseen. Although I trust Danny and had read great things about CA Guitars, I must admit I was skeptical about graphite guitars, having never played one before. Man, was I wrong! The guitar is awesome. Truly awesome. What great tone, volume, balance and playability. The fact that I don't have to worry about it in hot, humid Florida only makes it that much sweeter. Thanks CA Guitars. You make a great product for the 21st Century. Robert, Merrit Island, FL, 9/29/08
I've done a comparison with 2007 Taylor 814CE, a 90s Taylor 714 and a Goodall Grand Auditorium at my local distributor here in SINGAPORE and the CA (GX) is surprising very balanced. It's something to do with the very even top provided by the carbon fiber cloth. Keep it up. Mike, Singapore, 9/23/08
I couldn't be more pleased with this guitar (Legacy). Steven, LaQuinta, CA, 9/23/08
LOVE IT (X)!! Travis, Missouri City, TX, 9/21/08
Great Product really happy with it (GX). Brad, Gurnee, IL, 9/16/08
I really like the neck, body contour, design, tone (GX) and the fact there is no maintance; especially with no humidity control.Was highly impressed with the sound, it is great. Darryl, Lacrosse, WI, 9/13/08
This is a fantastic guitar! I just received it (Cargo) this afternoon and can't put it down. James, Albuquerque, NM, 9/09/08
Love the guitar (X) and the build quality and concept. Jeff, Fraknfort, IL, 9/07/08
I drove to Atlanta specifically to try out the CA guitars (GX) and fell in love with the tone and playability. Add that to the durability and the fact that the guitar was impervious to temperatue changes and I could just not pass it up. David, Forsythe, GA, 9/1/08
Great guitar and great addition to my GX! Thanks again for making such awesome guitars! Stan, Alexandria, VA, 8/27/08
Marvelous instrument. Mervyn, Algonquin, IL, 8/24/08
Great tone, Light weight .... VG working guitar. I am now using this over my Taylor. Greg, Kalui, HI, 8/24/08
Gentlemen, I went into Guitar Tex in San Antonio today not really even knowing what I wanted or even planning to buy a guitar for that matter. I had tried the little black Martin and, at the opposite end of the financial spectrum, had an interest in the RainSong and the Taylor T-5 but couldn't quite justify the huge cash outlay. I basically told Mark that I wanted something slim and rugged without spending the farm in the process. This is when he smiled and whipped out that little beauty you guys call the Cargo and peeled my hair back. All I could say is “no way, that's impossible.” I played it and 5 minutes later, I owned it. This thing is like Will Smith's “little cricket” from Men in Black. One would do well not to let the diminutive stature of this thing fool them. Simply put, this thing is a sound cannon and it has great tone to boot. It doesn't buzz, it has good base and mid range and the action is spot on. Well Done!! Phil, San Antonio, TX
Amazed. I put my 1974 Martin D28 away, because the sound of the Cargo is sooo good and a lot more fun to play. Alexancer, Rancho Viejo, TX, 8/20/08
Best travel guitar in existence. Period. Warren, Wichita, KS, 8/16/08
Punchy, tight, warm sound; strong low end in the monitors but not over powering, comes out a nice, even sound in the mains. Love the offset and reachable battery design. I'll bet the GXi will be your most popular model. This guitar rocks! Keep up the good work CA. David, Blue Grass, IA , 8/12/08
Although I just got it today, the guitar (GX) is amazing and I already love it. Robert, Mason, OH, 8/12/08
Love this worry-free guitar (GXi)! Sounds great plugged in to my Shertler Unico acoustic amp. Looking forward to seeing how it stands up to below-zero gigging up here in Canada this winter! Jayne, Toronto, ON, 8/11/08
I love this guitar! It's everything the reviews said and for someone with small hands this is just a marvel! Jacqueline - Maddington, Western Australia, 8/7/08
Guitar (GXi) plays wonderful,very true harmonics up and down the neck. sound is excellent ,really deep base and crisp highs. the offset sound hole took a while to get used to as far as looks go,but I really love the guitar ,a definate original. I really like the no worry about the elements factor of this instrument. I give it a 10 overall. thank you. Joel - Nixa, MO, 8/04/08
Absolutely the best sounding acoustic guitar (GXi) I have ever owned. Thanks for doing the burst! James - Ft. Myers, FL, 8/02/08
This is my 2nd cargo!..I love it...I have other "parlor" guitars but they just don't measure up!.. they sound great!..thanx! Tom - Galloway, N.J.,8/1/08
I bought a cargo and was so impressed that I bought the GXi a few days later. Thanks for your hard work, the products are out of this world! Fred - Lakin, KS, 7/30/08
Here are some glam shots of me and ny new GXi. Just picked it up at BuffaloCreek guitar Co. in Farmville VA. The tone of this instrument is just unbelievable. What a great new addition to the collection for an aspiring song writer.....Player, singer. Thanks guys, You got this one right. H.R. Nash, M.D. 7/28/08
I had the opportunity to play one of these guitars (GXi) that Jay was displaying at Merlefest. Not an ideal environment to actually hear what it sounds like, but I was intrigued. I came close to buying the one he was displaying, but it was red. Great color for an Italian sports car, not so much for a guitar IMO. After playing this guitar pretty much non stop for the past 24 hours, I must say, I'm even more impressed every time I pick it up. It's comfortable in my lap, sounds amazing and is the easiest guitar to play I have ever experienced. Quite an achievement overall. You guys have certainly done your homework. Thanks. Ken - Winfield Park, NJ, 7/27/08
The week before I purchased a Cargo, I was so impressed with it I went back to Manny's Music and purchased the 8M-CE, These guitars have wonderful sound, playabilaty, durability and beauty. Need I say more. Thanks for make the greatest guitar in the world not made out of wood. Mark - Oceanside, NY, 7/26/08
Beautiful Deep Tones, Awesome Guitar. Frank - Las Cruces, NM, 7/25/08
This Cargo has the best tone of any small guitar that I have ever played,and I have played a lot of them. My jaw has carpet burns on it because it's been draging the floor ever since I tuned this little jewel up and started playing. Michael - McKenzie, AL, 7/24/08
I picked up the GX yesterday, I have a question, where is the Steinway hidden ? It plays like a dream, sounds incredible &looks stunning, the finish shimmers. Its everything I knew it would be and more. Thanks so much for everything. Very sincerely, Guy - California, 7/24/08
Just got back from 2 1/2 weeks in Vietnam.Brought my GXbecause I didn't dare take anything wood with the climate there. The heat and humidity were off the scale, not to mention the REAL long flight each way. So it had both extremes........ultra dry, followed by nasty heat/humidity. Obviously, it was a wise choice and I had a blast playing it in my free time. I got a hard shell case for it, so it did fine in the baggage compartment. Keep up the good work. Dennis - 7/23/08
FedEx delivered the Cargo this morning...and all I can say is WOWWWWW!!! My jaw has been dragging the floor ever since I tuned her up and started playing. I have played lots of parlors and so called travel guitars, but this puppy has the largest sound of any small guitar that I have everplayed. I'll be a CA fan for life. Mike - 7/23/08
I love everything about this guitar(GX)...sound, looks, and durability...all awesome! Can't put it down! Terry - Quarryville, PA, 7/21/08
Wonderful job CA!!! I love my new Cargo travel guitar… I love the full sound of this smaller guitar (both plugged in and not plugged in), love the feel, the look, the quality, the durability. Every time people see me with it, they pay compliments and ask questions about it. Fortunately, it arrived in time for my trip to California and traveling with it was a breeze. It's light to carry around through various airports and fits easily in the overhead bins onboard each of the aircrafts I was in. The Access Stage 1 case fits this guitar perfectly and also had room for me to pack a few of my favorite music books. And the back straps were helpful and convenient for toting around with my other luggage. Karen, Sellinsgrove, PA 7/21/08
This is my second CA guitar (Legacy) and I just love them.. Great job guys! David - APO, 7/18/08
Love it! It was very smart of you to build a niche, “travel” guitar that's really resonant and impervious to the “elements”! Tom - Galloway, NJ, 7/18/08
Excellent instrument (gx)!! Gordon - Fargo, ND, 7/16/08
Awesome guitar (Legacy-COT) it. Thanks for the vision! Kenny - Springfield, TN, 7/16/08
Thank you making the best quility travel guitar. Perfect! Mark - Oceanside, NY, 7/14/08
Wow! I sold a Kim Griffin custom 10 string to get this (GX). I own three other carbon graphite guitars, all from Emerald, 2 X-10s (a six and a custom 10) and the X-5 travel guitar. I love these & do not take my beautiful, custom wood guitars out to gigs. I found the X-10s to be just not quite loud enough in situations where I had to play acoustically, and started looking for another carbon graphite six with a bigger body and more volume. I was going to buy a Rainsong, but played with Gordon Titcomb a few weeks ago and he let me play his CA. When I saw the "i" guitars, I was hooked (I'm a sucker for colors). If I could have found a 7i blueburst, I probably would have stretched for it, but consider myself fortunate to have landed the 5i in red. I opened up the case in the store, plucked the bass and treble "E" strings, and that was really all I had to hear. I wish I could have found something in blue, as that would make it easier to let go of my blue X-10 with the cg/weave top. I'm permanently sold on the sound, dependability, durability, and overall quality of cg technology for guitars. I picked this up Friday morning, played Friday and Sunday nights, and every guitar player who's heard it, as well as everyone else, is astounded by the sound and the look. If I ever get the $$ together, I'd love to have you guys build me a 7i custom 10 string in blueburst. To quote my favorite contemporary cartoon character (Wiley, the ram, on the PBS series "Jakers") wowee, wowee, WOW! Joel - Salisbury, CT, 7/14/08
I decided to buy this guitar (GX) after Delta Airlines dropped my Marc Beneteau hand-built guitar in its Calton case from a height, cracking the back of the guitar in 2 places - and they didn't pay for the repair! That's the last flight that guitar will ever make - I'm hoping my new CA will be a great "performer"! It sounds great both acoustically and plugged in, and has a nice crisp voice. I'm looking forward to many more years on stage, with my new image (it's the first black guitar I've ever owned). Cathy - Victoria, British Columbia, 7/13/08
I am very impressed with the tone and sustain of this guitar (Legacy). I travel in an RV and spend 5 months in Florida. I finally have a guitar that I don't need to worry about during the drastic and extreme temperature shifts that I experience on the road. Fred - Millersburg, MI 7/12/08
Thank you very much, with your help ya'll have solved my problem I travel by car, jet, and boat and now I have a guitar that can fit in my suitcase and go where ever I go from the mountains of West Virginia to the serengetti of Africa I love it Take care. Andrew - Richmond, VA ,7/09/08
Awesome guitar (GX). I'll always like wood, but this is a fabulous everyday guitar I can hang on the wall, throw in the car and enjoy without worries. The sound is terrific and playability superb. Thank you. Charles - Westchester, PA 7/07/08
This is a GREAT little guitar (Cargo). Haven't touched my other guitars since bringing this one home. Elizabeth - Redmond, WA, 7/05/08
Very Nice!!!! Thank you! (GX) Adam - Longmeado, MA 7/05/08
I am currently stationed in Iraq. I wanted a good travel guitar and was looking at the cargo. However this (X) sale came up and a muscian friend that uses your guitars recommended this one to me. Only had it one night and teaching myself with courses I purchased. Wanted to learn on a quality instrument and I chose yours. So far extremely pleased! Lewie - Park City, UT 7/4/08
Great guitar (Cargo)to have hanging around the house to pick up at any time and enjoy without the worry of children damaging a family heirloom. The sound is what sold me. What a great big sound you have there! Joe - Frecricksburg, TX 7/2/08
AMAZING guitar!!!(X) Evan - Ashford, AL 7/1/08
I love this thing (GXi).....sounds puuurrrrrrfect!!!!! Fritz - Lafayette, LA 6/30/08
Very cool guitar. Everyone who has seen/played it (including a well known recording artist) has loved it. It (Cargo) has great sound and can paddle my kayak in a pinch :>) Thanks for a great birthday gift! Mike - North Stonington, CT 6/30/08
I purchased this git (GX) primarily for the durability as my travel guitar (I am on the road for work weekly). But the sound far exceeds my expectations, so I expect the CA will become my "go to git" on the road and at home. Looks awesome in solid black, action and playability are fantastic and the sound is as good or better than any wood guitar I have ever played. The traditionalist in me says "carbon fiber - no way", but you've gotta play and hear one to believe it. WOW! It "pops" like no guitar I have ever played. Jeff - Lewisville, NC 6/27/08
Read all the reviews and testimonials then decided to try it (GX) myself. I'm a country fingerstylist and old folkie player in the traditions of Chet Atkins/Gordon Lightfoot. I was knocked out by the low mid response for such a relatively small profile. The size and response really fit my playing style well. An exceptional value. Charles - Pickering, Ontario, 6/27/08
Love this guitar!! (X) David - Armed forces overseas, 6/25/08
Very nice sound!! (GX) Y.M. - Phoenix, AZ, 6/25/08
I'm in love (GX). R.W. - Aledo Texas, 6/25/08
First and only small guitar I have heard that has a big guitar sound that is really good. Charles - Cresson, TX 6/23/08
I was really impressed with my CA Cargo! I drove all the way up to LA just to try it, and the first thing that came to my mind was how much bass and volume this 3/4 size guitar had! I'm glad I actually stepped out to try it, and eventually, I walked out the door with one! Israel - Fallbrook, CA 6/23/08
Just a quick note to thank you for creating your beautiful guitars. I purchased my GX (GX) guitar at Dave's Guitars in LaCrosse Wisconsin several months ago. I didn't start playing guitar until five years ago when I turned 60. I purchased a Martin guitar and have never found any other brand that met my sound and quality expectations until I tried the GX guitar. My favorite fan, my wife, heard it and said " You have to get that guitar". She was right! Since I purchased my GX, my Martin D-41 has seen a lot of case time. My GX is a joy to play, it keeps in tune and I really don't have to worry about the weather with it. It is a fun guitar to play and plugged it, it can't be beat. When I play out, I get so many compliments on the sound of the guitar and everyone thinks it is the coolest guitar they have ever seen.Thanks again!!! Jim - New Lisbon, WI 6/16/08
It is an amaziing piece (GX- COT)! I love the design, the sound and I am sure you will sell many many pieces of this model. Yew Fai - Singapore, 6/15/08
Been playing (Legacy COT) all evening. No dead spots, and STILL IN TUNE!!! This is a great sounding and playing guitar. Can't wait to try different strings, etc. This guitar will sell some of my friends. THANK YOU & GOD BLESS YOU. Stonewall - Livingston, Texas, 6/13/08
The quality and sound of this guitar (Legacy) exceeds my expectations. It is a very nice instrument. Very pleased with your product! Robert - North Scituate, RI, 6/13/08
The guitar (GX) arrived last night and I took the time to give her a good workout. Having bought her sight-unseen (and un-played) I was quite surprised with her tone. It's too paradoxical - warm yet bright, complex yet edgy. It's just DIFFERENT - in a great way. 'Sophisticated' is the concept that comes to mind as I hear and play her. I suppose it will take me a while to get used to her, but so far, so great! James - Cincinnati, OH 6/12/08
Sounds great, plays great. Thanks for a fine guitar. Daniel - Gales Ferry, CT, 6/12/08
For the last nearly two months I've played the GXi exclusively--lessons, practices, and performances. My four Taylors have been sitting in their cases! I play in church every Sunday and the occasional wedding or other similar event here and there. Last Friday I had the honor to play at the communion service that the Kennedy family held in Arlington Nation Cemetery on the 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's death. The guitar performed excellently for both fingerstyle and strumming in the outdoor situation and I was extremely glad to have it!! Thank you for making such a wonderful guitar! Stan - MD, 6/12/08
Great sounding and playing guitar. Thank you. Mitchell - Woodbury, CT 6/09/08
Wow; What a great guitar!!! Looking forward to trying out a GX in the near future. Keep up the GREAT work. Thanks, Ken - Corpus Christi, Texas, 6/08/08
"What an awesome instrument ! I am really taken. As a collector of guitars for over 40 years, this is a landmark. Not only in terms of the quality (which is clearly evident), but also in terms of playability, sound, and overally instrument detail. I am not going to look at your other about making a 12-string !!? Thanks for this gift to the music world." Don - Ponte Verda Beach, FL, 6/5/08
"Thanks so much for producing such wonderful sounding and compfortable playing guitars (GXi). At first, the great attraction was about “No Worries Guitar”, i.e. not to worry about humidity or weather conditions, low maintenance. But when playing the axe, I soon realized that CA makes something truly good. Thanks. Nelson - Honolulu, HI, 6/5/08
"I am thrilled to own this is wonderful!" Byron - Brentwood, TN, 6/4/08
"I appeciate the ability of the instrument (Legacy) to remain stable in the climate I live in. I love the sound and and the exceptional playability." Peter - Des Plaines, IL, 5/31/08
"What a fun little guitar! I bought this because I play mostly outdoor gigs here in the summer and the carbon guitar will be my new work guitar. At home I can hardly put it down it's so comfortable to play. Good job guys." James - Austin TX, 5/29/08
Guitar ordered April 6th, delivered May, I registered the day I got it. The guitar looks amazing! Fit and finish are flawless. My 3rd CA...the perfect 3/4 scale guitar! Thank you! Dalton - Mansfield, PA 5/21/08
It's my second guitar (GX), but the first one I've actually bought for myself. I love the sound and feel. My other guitar is a Martin D-18. I really needed something I could depend on for traveling around town and around the world. Julie - Pittsburg, PA 5/21/08
" Despite my preferences, this thing (X) sounds amazing in its own right. The sustain, clarity and separation of notes when playing single notes against chords or contrapuntal bass/melody lines is something that instantly got my attention. I think this is your guitar's most standout characteristic and it's not just my opinion here, because that was the most talked about tonal quality by other attendees who also played the guitar. It seemed to convey each player's touch or style immediately. Of course, all good guitars do this, but the CA has a certain presence, if that makes any sense. Transparency is a word that gets abused when describing tone, but I just enjoyed hearing a close-up, if you will, of each player's style and tone. I don't really know if your CA sounds as good or better than whatever wooden guitar the designer was aiming for, but ultimately I don't think it matters to me. This thing has its OWN relevant great sound that has raised the bar for acoustic guitar tone. Period." Shawn - Ft. Worth Texas, 5/19/08
"Folks: I purchased this guitar (GX) for my son; the e-mail address is mine, however. I have to say this is one beautiful instrument and the electronics are superb! I have several guitars myself (including a 35 year-old Martin and a 30 year-old Yamaha) and I find myself playing Nate's guitar more often than any of Dad's four guitars. When I was looking for a guitar for Nate, it was clear that he wanted one that had a "brighter" tone, full sound, and something a bit flashy. I looked at many guitars including the "middle to high price" ones from Taylor, Huss and Dalton, and Martin. In my opinion, the sound and action of this guitar is comparable to these instruments that are twice the price and half the fun to play. Besides, you never have to worry about maintaining sufficient humidity to prevent damage to your guitar. I think Dad may be asking for a CA guitar for Father's Day! Thanks." Jim - Port Matilda, PA 5/18/08
"Lovely product, excellent sound, playability, tone, feel, vibe, you name it; its got it in spades. To be frank, and I mean frank, this will be the first of many CA guitars that I shall be planning on purchasing over the course of my life. Looking forward to the twelve-string I have heard rumor of, and I am digging the new web site. Thanks, and keep of the amazing work." Matthew - Tompkinsville, KY 5/17/'08
"All I can say is wow. My daughter had previously told her guitar instructor that she was getting a guitar that was made by one of her daddy's friends. He basically blew her off with a statement that it is very hard to make a good guitar. She brought the X to lessons Wednesday. He asked incredulously, “Your dad's friend made this guitar?!?”. He then proceeded to play it for half the lesson and marveled at the sound. He told my daughter that her guitar was way better than any of his." Bob - Keller Texas, 5/9/08
Older Feedback “I was amazed that the Legacy AE™ sounded more like wood than some of the other big name acoustic guitars that we were tracking. I ended up using it for the entire recording. CA Guitars has corrected all of the nagging inconsistencies of wood. Live, it had absolutely no tuning problems – really consistent.” Bryan Lennox, Nashville producer and Mix Engineer
I love the guitar (Legacy). I used it onmaster session a few days ago. It beat every guitar I had in the studio, which included several Taylors and Guilds. Everybody here loves it and won't leave it alone. I also played a live gig with it. It stood out, hands down. Everyone was asking about it and where they could check them out. I'm sending people to your web site. The guitar also makes me want to pick it up and play it, which is making me write more. Iabsolutely love the guitar …. Gary Baker, Grammy Winning Songwriter, Engineer, and Producer
The CA just is the best acoustic guitar you can buy in my opinion. We have Martin, Taylor, Tacoma, Larrivee, Alvarez-Yairi, and all of the low-end acoustics, and out of about 300 acoustics in our store, NOTHING compares to the CA. CA is the most innovative guitar I have ever seen, played or heard. Mark Shumate, North Wilkesboro Music Center
“So, thinking that it was really an unfair comparison, I decided to give CA the ultimate test. I pulled the granddaddy of all guitars, a Martin D-28, and decided to end it all right there. Nothing could compete with a D-28 at near the price, I thought, and the D-28 test would surely shut this guy up and send him on his way. In just a few words--it didn't. The CA was much clearer, much more distinct, had much better highs and lows, had a much better cutting midrange, and was considerably louder. The CA chewed up the Martin and spit it out. Nothing had ever done that before--nothing. How could this be?… CA Guitars has brought some excitement back to the acoustic guitar market for us.” John Matherne President MMI Music
I'm writing to thank you for how my new Player GX sounds. I own several high end Martins, Breedloves and Taylors and bought the CA as a "winter guitar" ( I live in Chicago). I don't like exposing my guitars to dry heat and 10% humidity so a graphite guitar sounded like a good idea. But the CA wasn't supposed to sound better than my other guitars! In side by side comparisons with EVERY guitar, the Player GX wins hands down. Tone, harmonics, volume andintonation are all superior with my CA- and I haven't even plugged it in yet. A True Believer. Steve Meyers
I love my GX! I don't get too excited about guitars, but this thing rocks….it blew me away. The band couldn't believe how good it sounded. I lead worship with it today. And yes, I am ebaying my Taylor. Aaron
I acquired a GX about 6 months ago. I do a lot of harmonic tapping…I found that I can getshimmering harmonics when I tap. I was a Taylor freak until your amazing guitar came home with me. I love the neck, it's a finger style players dream. Zeek
I loooooove my CA guitar. It's a Legacy-Vintage and it's the best playing instrument my fingers have ever touched. Lee - Denver CO
I live in the UK and last month, while on tour in Colorado, I picked up a used CA-X. Very nice instrument indeed that I ended up using for the gigs in CO…I brought it back to the UK and people are astonished as CA guitars, to all intents and purposes, don't exist here at all – this is the first one anyone has seen…the perfect gigging guitar. In any event, it's a terrific instrument! Chris - United Kingdom
I received the guitar (Legacy - Blue Grass) late Saturday night, just in time for our Chapel service. The guitar is simply incredible and far surpassed anything I have ever played. You were right about it being a cannon. It has an amazing sound. Right out of the box, even after shipping across all those time zones, it was still perfectly in tune. The fit and finish is also amazing...I could not be any more pleased with it. Maj. Dan Dent - Iraq
I bought a Legacy AE about 3 years ago…It seemed to be a guitar made for south Texas -- you could keep it in your trunk until you were ready to play, summer or winter -- just take it out of the case and start picking…it stays in tune, with very minimal adjustment needed! The big surprise was, it sounded great too….Much as I hate to admit it, the CA has fooled a number of my friends who heard it "blind" and thought it was one of my wooden instruments. It has sounded so good to two of those friends that they added a CA to their collections, too. Thank you for making such a fine instrument. Rick
I've been a professional performer for over 20 years. Your guitar is absolutely a dream. I was visiting a good friend and fellow picker recently and was asked to bring my guitar for a jam session. There were about 8 guys there with Guild, Martin, Taylor, and Alvarez guitars. The party moved outside for a jam session. We've been having a heat wave and that afternoon it was about 95 degrees. As the others bellyached about taking out their guitars I pulled mine and started playing. In about 2 hours of playing everyone had to stop and retune about 4 times. No kidding. Everyone but me. At home I always keep my guitar on the stand and at the ready and it never goes out of tune; it never acts up at all. This is the most reliable and beautiful instrument I have ever played. Thank you for such a great instrument. BTW - All of the other pickers were not only envious of the staying power but every other aspect of the guitar as well; playability, tone, aesthetics. Absolutely the best musical purchase I ever made. Paul - Hagerstown, MD
What an amazing guitar! It made playing so easy that I almost felt guilty – like I was cheating somehow! I thought, “A guitar made out of nothing but composite material…I'll bet it sounds like crap.” But to my utter astonishment, after playing it for just a few moments, I was hooked! Even unamplified it has a surprisingly beautiful tone. The action is perfect and helps make the guitar something that is a true joy to play. I plugged into the sound system using the “X”, but I didn't tell our sound operator. He said, “That's amazing. What have you done to your guitar? It's never sounded so good and especially since I have no EQ on it at all.” Then I told him that it wasn't my guitar but a Composite Acoustic. Gregg went on and on and begged me to purchase the guitar just because it amplified as Gregg said, “like no other guitar I have ever heard.” I think you have heard from Steve Wingo, a VERY accomplished player and already owns the best guitars out there and he was blown away by the tone, the ease of playing, etc. Kelly - Birmingham AL
"CA Guitars are sleek, stylish, feel great to play, and most importantly, they sound great! I also love how solidly built they are for touring. Whether you're traveling by air or by bus, CA Guitars have you covered. Played acoustically or plugged in, these guitars are machines built for serious musicians.” Paul Brandt, 4 time winner of the Canadian Country Music Awards male vocalist of the year.
I took my Bluegrass Standard to Odessa, Ukraine, last summer in a foam-padded case. On the return trip, when the airline people in Odessa wouldn't let me carry my guitar plus my backpack onto the plane, I told them I'd check my guitar (backpack had wallet, passport, money, etc.). They thought I was nuts and in broken English told me they didn't advise that. I speak no Russian: how could I possibly explain to them that the guitar was indestructible?? I checked it and of course it was fine when it arrived in Vienna. I also take my CA out on my sailboat. I've sat on deck, picking in the bright sunlight, and the top has gotten so hot I can hardly touch it. Try that with a wood guitar! I love my CA and I'll never get rid of it. You guys build an amazing product. Robert - San Antonio, TX
"The CA's just kick butt! It is that simple. We want to order four guitars and a bass. We want to use them on stage, on our next record,and on the road doing radio spots." Henry Paul - BlackHawk
"These guitars are the most inspiring things that I've played for a long time. Besides having warm, vintage tone, they're set up great and play like a breeze. I can't believe they can sound like a 75 year old wooden guitar! In the living room or in the studio, these instruments ring like an old piano and have tone and volume that is unreal." Shawn Lane - Blue Highway
I like the durability and consistency, first; but it holds its own in the sound department with my other guitars. Kevin - Kirkwood, MO
Stays tuned and sound better than any wood guitar I have ever played including Gibsons and Martins. Wayne - Fort Worth, TX
Quality sound in a very durable guitar. I travel a lot and need a guitar that won't fold up in the car due to heat. This is my second CA Guitar. I have passed the first one on to my son…We both really like the action on our respective guitars. Dennis - Arlington, TX
Durability , incredible sound, quality, playability, uniqueness. Robert - San Antonio, TX
Strong & all weather. Great sound. playability, looks & feel. Stephen - Virginia Beach, VA
Sounds great and impervious to weather. Britt - Centreville, MS
Excellent acoustic sound. Also appreciate the fact that weather/temp is not something I have to be concerned about. Kevin - Vancouver, British Columbia
I just got my guitar and took it to Fitzgerald's open mic night in Chicago. After I played my set, Jim, the lead guitar for “Not Without” borrowed my guitar. He played some crazy scales and said "Where did you get this?...It is the nicest sounding guitar I have ever had in my dead spots on the fret board, take care of this Kev..." I said, "Try playing it plugged in." He did... When I heard it plugged in I could not believe the clarity--It sounded like a loud acoustic--like someone playing in a room, but louder...EVERYONE IN THE PLACE TOOK NOTICE. The three best players in the club played your guitar and thought it to be the best instrument they have played...The lead player for "The What?" told me he has been waiting for the last 10 years to find a guitar like this... Peace. Kevin – Chicago, IL
It's unique, travel safe and sounds incredible--with or without an amp. The material, appearance and care is a real bonus. Most guitarists are surprised with the performance. I also like the sturdy case designed to fit the guitar. John - Redmond, WA
Everything…sound, look, toughness…all around great sound. Also enjoyed meeting all ya'll at NAMM…so I would probably have to say all the nice folks that work there. Ron - Fredericksburg, TX
Durability to withstand a tropical climate (sun/sea/salt/humidity) combined with remarkable tone and ease in fingering--I have bilateral carpal tunnel, and this guitar is very forgiving to my wrists. And it sounds darned nice. Mary - St. Thomas, VI
Great sound! Low maintenance! Other players who have sampled it have been impressed. Deen - Crystal, MN
I cannot believe what I am hearing! What a sound with incredible sustain and balance. I have been a Martin bluegrass fan for years of tradition I guess…however, I can say that I have never played such a fine instrument before regardless of the band. The playability is beyond what I would have imagined...and the Aura, well is has a spirit all its own...I am not musically worthy of this guitar. Joseph - Buffalo, NY
Voice, durability, and light weight. This allows me to take the guitar outside here in Fort Lauderdale Fl. Anytime and any place I want to. Something I wouldn't dare do with my Taylors. Simplicity of design yet very elegant at the same time. Very classy and rich looking. Tastefully designed. Guitar appears to be well made as well. Mark - Fort Lauderdale, FL
Number 1: the fact that it's indestructible. Number 2: sounds great Number 3: plays great. Mike - Pensacola, FL
Pickups, Sleek body design, Inlays, Indestructibility, Friendly Customer Service. Marc - Eau Claire, WI
Looks cool and I can leave it in my car after my guitar lesson without worrying about weather (heat of cold). Also, my son's guitar teacher has a legacy performer and he actually sold me on CA. William - Atlanta, GA
I enjoy the durability of the guitar. The fact that it stays in tune amidst varying temperatures is also a plus. I also enjoy the sound quality and playability of this instrument. The design of the COT is beautiful as well. Joseph - Abbeville, LA
Its look, its sound, its wearability. James - Nashville, TN
Looks great, fantastic tone and playability. Brian - Redmond, WA
The SOUND…I can't believe the sound that comes from this small, comfortable, gorgeous guitar! Katrina - Oak Hill, WV
Playability, durability, full sound, great looks, I could go on and on. Jeffery - Bardstown, KY
The tone and look of the guitar and the durability of Carbon Fiber. Some people are die hard wood lovers, me I think it is cool to have a guitar built from the same material as an F-15. Virgil - Avon, IN
A high quality, environmentally tolerant instrument. I bought this to keep in my office where the RH is around 20-25%. Much too dry for a wood instrument. Also for possible travel. It will be perfect! I compared this to a RainSong and this seemed like a much better guitar for the money. I also didn't like the thin neck on the RS. I'm amazed at how much sound you get our of the thin body on the X. Brian - Redmond, WA
Stays in tune and sounds great. Michael - Bothell, WA
Strong bass, Bell-like clarity of tone, strong separation of individual tones, without losing the harmonious blending of the notes. Perfect intonation. Great neck. Light action. Faultless construction. Tasteful appointments without frilly adornments. Oddly, perhaps I don't care all that much that is its nearly indestructible, though I am grateful for it. I own guitars that play well and sound good. This one makes me smile....a lot. Taylor - Sacramento, CA
The beautiful looks and beautiful tone. My CA's are the best guitars I've ever seen or heard. I didn't think it was possible to improve on your old models but you did. CA's are the best! Patrick - Dundee, OH
Sound and quality. This is a beautiful guitar that is comparable to the Martin HD 28 Line of guitars in both sound and quality but appears to be more rugged. Charles - Lafayette, LA
Low maintenance, stability, and travel-friendly size. David - Isleboro, ME
Full, rich sound, rock-solid, holds its tune much longer than my Martin. Louis - Hawthorne, CA
I like the fact that I had it shipped from Lafayette to Dallas and that it's stable enough that when it came out of the box, it was perfectly in tune. I like the fact that when I'm playing it and my 1 year old is beating on the front of it, that I don't have to worry. I like the fact that when the inevitable beer gets spilled on it, it won't be the end of the world. Brian - Flower Mound, TX
I live in a cold climate during winter This guitar came off the bus delivery at -30 degrees. I took it home, opened the case and it was perfectly in tune! Perfect guitar for a cold climate, stays in tune, great sound acoustically, playability of neck, very nice. Larry - Edmonton, Alberta
I like the small body, loud sound and durability of the guitar. Allan - Singapore, Philippines
Even and consistent tone, smoothness of playing. Kyle - Glendale Heights, IL
Size for transporting it (fits in a tiny gig bag like an electric for the overhear in a plane, or the stewards closet if they are being that way!), plugged sound quality and simplicity, rigidity/consistency for alt. tunings. Daniel - San Angelo, TX
The look right off the bat, then, the first time you strum it you know your holding a fine instrument. The clarity, anywhere on the neck. The fact that, regardless of the temperature or conditions I don't have to worry about the guitar. I didn't have to tune it, or make any adjustments for almost three months, and I played it quite a bit. Jealous friends, a big plus! Derek - Salem, IN
"I'm writing to see if you know anyone that wants to buy my 3500 Lowden guitar. When I purchased my Legacy AE, I was looking for a guitar that I could hang onthe wall next to my desk and not worry about. I was looking for a workhorse guitar that would hold up to temperature changes and endure everyday use by those that stop bymy home. Little did I know that I would be selling my old friend as a result. You folks have redefined not only the preferred materials and design but you have redefined the entire guitar experience. Thanks." Dan
"In my opinion, there is not a guitar on the market in this price range that will come anywhere close to the tone of a Legacy AE. As a matter of fact, I would put it up against a lot of guitars in the $2500 to $3000 range. On one hand, I'm amazed with the consistency of these guitars and on the other, it only makes sense that every one of them would sound the same.” Jimmy Stewart, guitarist for Brooks and Dunn
"The first time I picked up the Legacy AE™ I could not believe my ears, the tone was so incredibly rounded from the rich bottom end to the crisp highs. I literally could not believe it, a carbon graphite guitar? This baby sounds better than all my wooden top-end brand names!" Phil Baquie, Australian Christian Artist
"I love my Legacy AE because for one, they sound much better than any other composite material guitar I've played. It actually sounds like wood.But the cherry on top is that they're impervious to weather changes.“ Randy Williams, guitarist for 5 time Grammy nominated Big Tent Revival.
"AnywhereI play, whether in the studio, on stage, or just plain old jamming, the Legacy AE™ is my instrument of choice. I sold my axe of 12 years after havingthe CA a month.” Jody King, Journeyman Bluegrass Guitarist, Co-founder of bluegrass band “After 5”


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