RAW -  Hand rubbed black-waxed finish, which highlights the carbon weave on the top and the headstock, 
            giving the guitar a satin look.
            These guitars have no paint on them. They are lightly sanded on the back and sides to give a very
            smooth finish. The neck is finished with the sole purpose of giving you, the player, a very
            comfortable fast feel.  
            Just like natural wood, carbon fiber comes with its own character. The appearance of our raw
            guitars will vary slightly from instrument to instrument based on the character of the carbon fiber 
            during the build process.  As we hand build each instrument we create small cosmetic differences
            from one instrument to the next. For example you may see carbon weave in various areas on a
            guitar that are not in the same locations on others. This is part of the finish character of each guitar
            and is a defining characteristic of the “Raw” finish.
           While these characteristics can be seen, they have no impact on the performance, durability or
           strength of the instrument. Sound and tone are not impacted as well

RT (Road Tuff) - This textured finish is scratch and smear resistant and comes in many colors.


HG (High Gloss) - This is our finest finish and comes in many colors.



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