The Carbon Edge

No need for humidification
Needs humidification if humidity
drops below 40%
Stays in tune
Needs frequent tuning if temperature
or humidity is changing
Consistent action and playability
Action can change with changing
temperature and humidity
Doesn't need truss rod
Periodic truss rod adjustments
are common
Headstock won't break
Headstock can break if instrument falls
Top won't belly
Top can belly-up over time, changing
action and tone
Won't split if it gets too dry
Will split if it gets too dry
Won't sound dull if humid
Can sound dull and muffled in
humid conditions
Fret edges won't protrude
Fret edges can protrude if
fretboard gets dry
Tolerant of temperature extremes
Most useable in 65 80F range
Water won't hurt instrument
(except gears and electronics)

Water from rain, dew, spills, etc.
can destroy instrument
Cutting edge ergonomic designs
Traditional bent wood designs
Goes anywhere
Must be protected from humidity,
temperature, water, impact
Ready anytime
Needs time to acclimate if moved
to new environment



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