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9/18/08 - CA Announces Release of New Xi Guitars

Lafayette, Louisiana, September 18, 2008
CA Guitars is excited to announce the newest addition to its line of great sounding, ultra durable, high-end carbon fiber acoustic guitars featuring Integrated Top Bracing Technology ™ (ITB™).
The new Xi guitar is a thin body cut away featuring revolutionary technology where bracing is built into the top rather than made separately and adhesively bonded. ITB represents the most recent advancement in bracing technology and is a result of over 10 years of CA research and development.
CA's thin body guitars have amazing sound for their size and are incredibly comfortable to play due to their very light weight (less than 4 lbs) and thin body. They are an excellent choice for those who prefer smaller guitars or those want a lighter guitar for performing.

The new Xi instruments have the tone and warmth common to great acoustic guitars, but have a low end response that exceeds that of most guitars in its class.  The Xi is also very responsive to even the lightest touch, making it a great fingerstyle guitar.

The CA team would not settle for just a big bottom end- it had to have good balance and excellent range. Using the Acoustic Tailoring™ process, the new Xi instruments have clean mids and sparkling highs in addition to a bigger bass response.

The new Xi guitar comes standard with an active under-saddle pickup system and is available in a road tough (RT) scratch resistant finish in Red, Wine, Green, Blue and Charcoal ($1998 Retail) or in high gloss finish in Red, Blue or Carbon Burst ($2266 Retail).

Check out the entire line of great sounding, road worthy acoustic guitars made right here in the USA. From indoors to outdoors, basements to attics, wall hooks to guitar stands, super humid to bone dry, CA Guitars are ready when you are, wherever you are.


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