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04/21/09 - CA Announces the release of the Tim Stafford Signature Model

The new TIM STAFFORD SIGNATURE MODEL guitar brings bluegrass guitarists what they asked for most (a) loud, cutting, balanced, warm acoustic tone, (b) excellent projection, (c) very natural plugged in tone, and (d) outstanding resistance to the elements.
We worked with renowned bluegrass guitarist Tim Stafford in designing a guitar that features special light blue shell flame soundhole ring, green four leaf clover inlay on the headstock, enlarged 4.5 diameter soundhole, sound port, Gotoh 510 open back gears, our Performance Tuned bracing, and a specially voiced Fishman Aura pick-up system. It comes in the high gloss Carbon Burst paint finish. ($2968 Player Price)
I believe the signature model is the best new CA I've played. It plays like a dream, and the sound port gives it more punch and volume out front, as well as adding something like "self-monitoring" to the instrument--you can hear the guitar more clearly as you play it, from your vantage point behind the instrument. This is a bonus for singers; it sounds like a superior new guitar, straight out of the box. I was talking with someone after I had gotten the first prototype of the signature model which I played at Merlefest last year; they gave me a 4-leaf clover as luck for the new model. I put the clover against the black carbon top and it was just brilliant; that's when I began to think this would be a nice cosmetic touch for the model. Mostly though, I hope it brings luck to whoever buys one! Tim Stafford.
Composite Acoustic Technologies (CA) is a manufacturer of carbon fiber acoustic guitars in Lafayette, Louisiana. Composite Acoustics Technologies (CA) uses proprietary carbon fiber technology and designs to produce guitars with excellent tone, high durability and resistance to elements. From indoors to outdoors, basements to attics, wall hooks to guitar stands, super humid to bone dry, Composite Acoustics Technologies (CA) are ready when you are, wherever you are.


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