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 Composite Electrics Blade  Composite Electrics Blade
 Composite Electrics Blade  Composite Electrics Blade

The Blade


Total Length 38 1/8”
Depth (body thickness) 1 1/4"
Body Length
Weight around 6 Pounds
Nut Width 1 11/16"
Scale Length 25 1/4"
24 stainless
Machine Heads
Hip Shot
PickupsSeymour Duncan

Finish Options:



We apply a proprietary finish to the raw carbon on the back and sides that is lightly sanded. This gives it a satin black look that is very smooth. The neck is finished with the sole purpose of giving you, the player, a very comfortable fast feel. The top is cleaned and buffed right out of the mold and has a natural glossy appearance. The carbon weave on the top has a great dimensional look.

Just like natural wood, carbon fiber comes with its own character. The appearance of our raw guitar will vary slightly from instrument to instrument based on the character of the carbon fiber during the build process. As we hand build each instrument we create small cosmetic differences from one instrument to the next While these characteristics can be seen, they have no impact on the performance, durability or strength of the instrument. Sound and tone are not impacted as well.

 • The front pick-up is a Seymour Duncan SH-1 or ’59 model. This is Seymour Duncan ’s superior translation of the 
   traditional P.A.F. style humbucker . (P.A.F. is “patent applied for” and was used in the original Les Paul guitars.”)
• The back pick-up is a SH-4 or JB model. This pick-up is the archetype hot-rodded humbucker. (This pick-up is
   “overwound” to provide a hotter output).
• The combination of pick-ups offers the player a wide range of tone and provides a clean, powerful output for
   whatever you plug into.
• The rigid, all carbon fiber guitar brings lighting quick response, excellent definition and clarity, meaty tone, and
   tons of sustain in addition to the consistent, reliable performance regardless of playing conditions.
• For reference, our guitar has two humbucking pick-ups, or humbuckers – which are common with many styles of
   guitars including the Les Paul and many PRS guitars. The other common style of pick-up is a single coil, which is
   used in a Stratocaster, or Strat.
• We do not currently offer a single coil pick-up, but our humbuckers are 4 conductor wired, so they can be “coil
   tapped” to provide the user with a single coil sound. Coil tapping is a different way to wire the pick-ups.

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