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Composite Acoustics LegacyComposite Acoustics Legacy
Composite Acoustics LegacyComposite Acoustics Legacy


Scale Length 25 ½”
Body Style Dreadnought
Body Width16”
Body Length 20”
Body Depth 4 5/8”
Frets Medium Stainless
Nut Width1 3/4"
Overall Length41"
L. R. Baggs I-Mix on Board
Volume, Blend, EQ, Phase
Sound Hole InlayPaua Abalone Shell
Fret Board Inlay Paua Dots to 19th fret
Tuning GearsGotoh
Bridge String Spacing2 1/4"

Finish Options:

Road Tuff Blue
Road Tuff Carbon Burst
Road Tuff Charcoal
Road Tuff Green
Road Tuff Red
Road Tuff Wine
Road Tuff Blue Tribal
Road Tuff Carbon Burst Tribal
Road Tuff Charcoal Tribal
Road Tuff Green Tribal
Road Tuff Red Tribal
Road Tuff Wine Tribal
• All composite Acoustically Tailored™ construction for ultimate tone, durability and versatility
• Rigid one-piece neck/body construction for long-term stability
• Impervious to climate for consistent performance, wherever you go
• Carbon fiber neck for consistent playability (no truss rod adjustments needed, EVER!)
• Proprietary carbon fiber bridge and saddle materials
• Premium electronics for easy and clear amplification
• Available in our innovative Road Tough (RT) finish in five colors, or our durable High Gloss (HG) finish with carbon
  burst treatment
• HG Finish - paua top inlay dots and paua sound hole ring
  RT Finish - small silver top inlay dots at 12th fret
  RAW Finish -
paua top inlay dots and paua sound hole ring
• Center sound hole with performance-tuned lightweight carbon fiber bracing
• Composite fingerboard with 20 medium stainless frets
• Ultra-precise black Gotoh™ tuning machines & light-gauge Elixer™ Nanoweb™ strings
• Handcrafted in the U.S.A. by skilled technicians and craftsmen


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