We have a large selection of hand-made acoustic guitars to choose from. However, don't let the variety of choices confuse you. It really is simple to put together an acoustic guitar to your liking, and choosing your model, color and finish to create your perfect guitar is half the fun of owning a Composite Acoustics guitar.
1. Choose a body style/model below.
2. Choose a finish: RAW, Road Tuff™ (RT), or High Gloss (HG)
3: Depending on your finish selection, you have a variety of colors to choose from.
4. Choose an optional package. We have a number of packages available for several of our models (Snakeskin, Tobacco Burst, etc.) that you may want to add to your selection.
Why buy a CA guitar (other than the fact that they play and sound fantastic)? Find out by reviewing our Carbon Fiber Guitar vs. Wood Guitar comparison chart.
If you're having a little trouble deciding which guitar is right for you, listen to several of our acoustic guitar models.

Composite Acoustics guitars are hand-made in the USA
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Click here for more details about The CargoThe Cargo
The award-winning Cargo is a breakthrough in small bodied, travel-size guitars, comfortable to play whenever and wherever you are. It's a portable guitar with the playability, sound and satisfaction of a full-size guitar. How 'bout them apples?

Click here for more details about OXOX
OM cut-away body style acoustic guitar, giving you a look and sound you won’t believe at a surprisingly affordable price.

Click here for more details about GXGX
It's our most popular and versatile model. And it's no wonder! The grand auditorium sized cut-away provides fuller bass response than our thinner X model, and a quick, clean response.

Click here for more details about GXiGXi
Who says you can't have your cake and eat it too? The grand auditorium sized cut-away uses our Integrated Top Bracing to create a top that is responsive to the lightest touch, and has a bigger bottom end than the GX.

Click here for more details about XX
The X is thin body, light weight, comfortable full-scale guitar with amazing power and tone for its size. Braced with our optimized Performance-Tuned lightweight carbon fiber bracing, the X has a very quick and clean response.

Click here for more details about XiXi
The latest addition to the CA family may sound even better than it looks. Our fully-integrated bracing and offset sound hole create superior durability and a rich warm tone you have to hear to believe. Who could ask for more?

Click here for more details about LegacyLegacy
Classic never goes out of style. The Legacy has a full dreadnought-sized body to deliver the most power and bottom end of our line. Our Performance-Tuned lightweight carbon fiber top bracing gives it a very quick and clean response.

Click here for more details about BaritoneBaritone
"You got this one right!" is the common response to those who have tested our new Baritone. Our proprietary integrated top bracing techonology was optimized for bass response, and our customers are floored with the volume and range.

Click here for more details about 12 String12 String
In developing our 12 string, we used high stiffness unidirectional carbon fiber and our proprietary integrated top bracing to give you the stability our instruments are known for, and surprising bass response and tone.

Click here for more details about Tim Stafford Signature ModelTim Stafford Signature Model
Our Legacy bodied guitar that features special light blue shell flame soundhole ring, blue four leaf clover inlay on the headstock, enlarged 4.5” diameter soundhole, sound port, Gotoh 510 open back gears, our Performance Tuned bracing, and a speciall

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