Composite Acoustics is committed to designing and building the best sounding, best playing, most worry free carbon fiber & composite instruments technology will allow, and bringing them to you at a competitive price. We are hand-building these instruments right here in the USA.

Building great sounding musical instruments is at the core of who we are. Great tone has been the number one goal of a CA instrument. In addition to tone, we want our composite instruments to play and feel great.

We use technology to deliver you an instrument that performs at a high level, wherever you are, under any conditions, all the time we want you to be free to play without concern about your instrument. Also, we want your CA guitar, hand made from carbon fiber, to sound great and play great for generations with minimal upkeep.
We not only strive to make our guitars very functional and user friendly, but also to make them look great. We want them to be works of art as well as musical instruments.
The overriding goal of our manufacturing operation is to make every single instrument a high quality product. We focus on achieving consistency and repeatability in every operation and every part. We are constantly improving our processes and tooling to limit part to part variation and limit rejected parts. We diligently investigate every discrepancy, to try to determine the root cause and prevent it from happening again.

We want every purchaser of our instruments to have a positive experience. Whether it is providing the right information before the purchase or assistance after the sale. And should you have a problem with a CA guitar, we are committed to resolve it quickly and fairly.

We are committed to keeping the cost of our carbon fiber instruments as affordable as possible. Even though we are using high performance aerospace technology, we have worked very hard to streamline our manufacturing operations and develop innovative manufacturing processes that allow us to keep our composite material costs comparable to other wood guitars produced here in the United States.
Whether you buy from us, or sell to us, or in any other manner associated with CA, we are committed to honesty and integrity in our business relationships.




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